Single Origin Colombia (RRP £5.39)


Delicately sweet with a light aromatic body… MORE

Per box of ten.

Cup Size: Espresso or Lungo

Intensity 8/10
Sweetness 10/10
Acidity 6/10

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£2.70 per box of ten.

Colombia is the second largest producer of Arabica coffee after Brazil, but its quality is sweeter and commonly defined as “Suave” (Soft). The carefully selected “Supremo” beans, grown in the Medellin region, are large, flat and uniform. Delicately sweet in the cup, with a light, aromatic body. Only the top grades have a low-toned acidity which makes this coffee perfect for drinking at any time of the day. 100% Nespresso compatible. 100% Nespresso compatible. RRP £5.39